Could You Be Uninsured?


Many unique personal items in your home may be eligible for insurance coverage, which may surprise you. Instruments, jewelry, wine, guns, and art are just some of the objects that insurance could cover in the event of damage or theft. Whether you need to ensure a wedding ring or a pet iguana, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading to learn more about the unusual goods that are covered by insurance!

Most home insurance policies have limitations when it comes to certain kinds of personal property. It is important to have your agent review your coverage and exposure to determine which kind of coverage and limits are best for you.

Personal Property To Review

  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • Guns
  • Collations
  • Electronics

If you want to secure your things, talk to your insurance agent about the choices that are available to you. Please contact us if you have any additional queries. We’d be pleased to assist you in determining the right insurance coverage for your home, auto, commercial, and life insurance needs.

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