Down But Never Out

We here at Metrowest, Inc. are huge supporters of our nation’s Armed Forces.   Along with donations of many kinds, George Toney (President of Metrowest, Inc.) and other agents within the office regularly conduct Mixed Martial Arts and grappling “Combatives” seminars for the Marines, Air Force, and Army.  Metrowest heard about a non-profit organization comprised of Military Veterans that had an amazing story that needed to be shared.

“Train, Rehabilitate, Empower, Motivate and Endure.  Team X-T.R.E.M.E. is a non-profit organization with an ongoing mission to Honor, Empower and Motivate wounded service members through a physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitative cycle that is a model for overcoming adversity and hardship through innovation, teamwork, and perseverance.  The team features active and veteran military members joined by wounded warriors from the OIF and OEF campaigns who participate in various races and events across the country.  Additionally, we have a fully functioning staff of volunteers committed to creating rehabilitative programs, initiatives and opportunities to make a brighter future for our nation’s Wounded Heroes.”

– excerpt from Website (

What follows is a short video where Team X-T.R.E.M.E. take on the mighty Spartan Race series ( one of the most dynamic and challenging obstacle races in the world.  Please enjoy…