Family is What Matters Most

Help MetroWest make this holiday season a little brighter for a very special Marine family whose story touched our hearts. In our continuing efforts to find more opportunities to help others in need, our paths recently crossed a young sergeant and his beautiful new family. Their journey moved us deeply, as they are currently struggling with the balance of Marine life and parenthood with a five month old baby boy.

Marines are just one group of brave servicemen and women that help keep our beautiful country safe and free. Our desire and movement to help this family who have sacrificed so much, can be yours as well. Help us give them the aid they dearly need; for November and December we will be contributing towards a fund we set up for this lovely family by taking a portion of our commission for all the new business accounts we write and 100% of any donations we receive earmarked for this family. We do not wish to identify them by name publically, but will pass your information on to them so that they may thank you privately.

Give back by helping us with an ongoing campaign, starting with this family. Every quarter we are going to be sponsoring a new family. We will publish your name on our website on our “wall of appreciation” and will also reward your referral by entering your name in a drawing we will have at the end of teach quarter for a $250 in cash.

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