Industries We specialize In

Business Insurance


­­­­­­Contractors insurance provides insurance and risk services to the construction industry. Insurance can play an important role in; on time and on-budget projects.  If your insurance coverage is not written correctly, your business may not survive financially.  Your success depends on proper planning, whether you're estimating a project, hiring good people, protecting your business with comprehensive commercial insurance, or selecting your insurance agent. We work with all types of contractors including; general contractors, landscape contractors, HAVC contractors, roofers and many more.


Hospitality and Special Events

The hospitality industry has unique insurance needs. If you own and operate a restaurant, bar, brewery, hotel, reports, or bed and breakfast, you need unique insurance that offers coverage that addresses your unique needs. When finding hospitality insurance coverage, it’s essential to work with agents who understand this industry and your needs as a business owner. Whether you’re shipping baked goods from your kitchen or ironing your tablecloths before opening, We have restaurant business insurance tailored to match your business risks and needs. Important coverage for the hospitality industry is; liquor liability, employment liability, food spoilage, property coverage, and business liability insurance.


Property Managers - Real Estate

Landlords and property managers have many unique risks that only a trained and experienced agent can understand. Property losses from fires, natural hazards, or terrorism can damage market share, revenue, and market image. The term ‘Landlord’ is broad and can include those who manage rental property, apartments, condominium associations, and commercial property.  We offer both commercial and residential landlord insurance, and you can obtain a policy whether you need to cover a single rented property or a large property portfolio.



As an IT professional or business owner, your clients depend on you to build, operate and maintain the technology services and systems that power their businesses. Although you aspire to deliver the best service possible, things don't always go as planned. Metrowest Insurance has a team of experts dedicated to your field if you're looking for a technology insurance firm that understands your needs, call us today.

Retail insurance


Metrowest Insurance specializes in providing insurance and risk services to retail businesses throughout the west coast. Running a retail business is very complex. You must manage inventory, hire the right salespeople and plan for your future. When you purchase retail insurance from Metrowest Insurance, you get the peace of mind needed in order to focus on your business. We design an insurance product specifically designed to meet your needs.


Financial Services

Banks and insurance firms are exposed to a wide range of risks. Consider data loss and fraud, processing failures in client paperwork, foreclosure problems, and more. Even so, financial executives can rest easy knowing that Metrowest Insurance is on hand to help them manage risk and succeed in the face of emergencies, litigation, and unforeseen events.


Business America

There are some businesses that operate in such a way that a business owner’s policy or BOP is the best insurance solution. A BOP helps protect your investment in case disaster strikes. Small business insurance protects the company's assets and earnings. It also helps protect you from liability lawsuits. A business owner’s policy (BOP) blends business liability, commercial property, business income, and equipment breakdown coverages into a single, low-cost plan for companies. BOPs may be generic or tailored to your company's industry-specific requirements.


Healthcare Operators

Medical malpractice insurance covers doctors, and other medical professionals in the medical field, for liability claims arising from their treatment of patients.  Whether you are a surgeon with several advanced degrees, a hospital, provide rehabilitation services, or provide other medical services,  having sufficient medical malpractice insurance is the only way to protect yourself against financial devastation in the event you are sued.



Professional Services

Miscellaneous professional liability can also be called errors and omissions (E&O) liability. Claims arise or result from errors or omissions in the performance of professional services. Companies that perform professional services for others can make mistakes.  Mistakes might include breach of contract, failure to perform services as promised, fraud, and malpractice.  Accountants, lawyers, construction managers, and others need this kind of coverage.


auto repair insurance

Auto Repair And Services

At Metrowest Insurance we have the products to help you manage your risk. As a garage and auto body & repair shop owner, you require a specific insurance program that can effectively address the unique risks your business faces on a daily basis.   Commercial auto repair insurance can cover a combination of vehicle types (trucks, cars) and drivers, as well as some types of motorized equipment.


Entertainment Insurance

We make it simple and inexpensive to insure your entertainment company so you can concentrate on providing an exceptional experience for your customers. We focus on understanding the unique needs of the entertainment industry, including;  video production, television, concerts, promoters, music, and theatrical companies.

truck insurance


When you own transportation business, you are constantly exposed to risk. You need an insurance carrier that is familiar with your industry and the risks you face. Metrowest Insurance is a well-known regional insurance expert that caters to trucking companies like yours.


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