Our World Is Getting Riskier

A major insurance company recently published a risk index that identified a number of risky areas.  Certainly, many things we do create some level of risk.  However, the good news is that there are insurance products that can help you manage your risk.

Here are some of the top risk concerns found in the Travelers Insurance index:

Personal Risks

  • Over fifty percent of consumers feel the world is getting riskier.
  • The top three personal areas of concern are personal privacy, financial losses, and personal safety.

Business Risks

  • Medical insurance cost increases is the top risk for business owners.
  • Cyber breaches from third parties are also high on the list.
  • Increased legal costs and the ability to attract new talent are also a problem for businesses.

Other Highlights From the Index (source PC360.com)

A majority of consumers (55%) say they worry about their identity being stolen and are concerned over other personal privacy risks.

Of this 54%, 17% say they worry “a great deal” about this affecting their family, and 38% say they worry “some” about this risk.

A meeting with our team can help reduce your worries about the future. We have many unique insurance products that can help protect you. Some of these include; identity theft coverage, cyber liability and a wide range of both personal and business insurance solutions.

In today’s hectic environment, you can never be too safe. Having trustworthy and reliable insurance is a necessity. The act alone of shopping for insurance can be overwhelming because there are numerous companies out there all claiming to be the best. How will you know who you can trust to provide the coverage you need when you need it most?

The confusion doesn’t stop with which company to choose, it continues with what type of coverage you need. There are so many different types of insurance: auto, home, commercial etc. The options seem endless. Insurance is one of the few things that we buy and never hope to use and using insurance under certain circumstances can even cost us more.