Val Voboril – Reebok CrossFit Athlete

Metrowest has been a little quiet on social media as of late. We have been implementing a new agency management system for better customer service, and have been running Spartan races, acting in the Renaissance Fair, and taking a submission wrestling team to Hannover, Germany. Today, I am most proud to announce our sponsorship of Val Voboril,, one of the premier female CrossFit athletes on the planet.


We are providing support for her as she prepares for the 2014 CrossFit Games in July. She is a great athlete and an even better person, and we could not be prouder to support her. She leads a wonderfully balanced life and we will publish some of her blogs in the coming weeks. Complete a quotation with us on your auto, home, or business insurance and mention “Val” and we will add send you $10 and add an additional $10 in support for Val. This offer is good until August 1, 2014.