We Know And Understand Insurance

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We live in a new age, and that means insurance professionals need to be prepared to meet the new demands of the insurance buyer.  Home and auto insurance buyers have changed the way they select insurance companies and their agents. One thing that has not changed is that everyone needs home and auto insurance, and business owners need commercial insurance.

We know and understand your needs

Here is what our clients are telling us they need from us in order to meet their changing needs.

  • We offer coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers.
  • Our home insurance products can be designed to include coverage if you rent your home to third parties, or if you own a vacation rental.
  • Our web page is constantly being updated to reflect the buying habits of all generations.
  • For the environmentally conscious buyers we offer insurance products that include premium discounts for homes that meet stringent efficiency and sustainability standards, discounts for using eco-friendly building materials, and even unique “pay as you go” auto policies so you only pay for the miles you drive.
  • Filing a claim has never been easier.  Most of our insurers have online reporting, but we are always here to help manage your claim if needed.
  • We understand how the technology of a “connected home” works and the importance of proper homeowner’s coverage.
  • There is new technology that can be added to your vehicle that monitors your driving and provides discounts for safe drivers.
  • You want, and deserve, more choices and personalization concerning your insurance program.  Our friendly team is always ready to serve you.