Why Buy Auto Insurance From A Trusted Advisor?


Online Auto Insurance Pitfalls

We all have seen the commercials that state, “10 minutes is all it takes to buy insurance”. But let’s get real. Are we to believe that it takes less time to buy something as important as auto insurance, than it does to get your car cleaned at the car wash or fill your gas tank? Sorry, we don’t buy that at all, and neither should you.

Auto Insurance Fine Print

Before you buy auto insurance online you had better read the fine print, as there are a number of exclusions and conditions that may limit coverage.

  1. Online auto policies may only cover you, not other members of your household.
  2. Drivers under 21 may not be covered.
  3. Premiums may be subject to increases for one ticket.
  4. Many online polies don’t offer additional benefits such as accident forgiveness.
  5. Online companies generally don’t offer any loyalty discounts or other discounts that our companies offer.
  6. Many nonstandard policies may not provide full coverage for replacement parts. They may offer a depreciated value, causing more out of pocket expenses.
  7. Online auto insurance may not cover your car if you are a sales person or use your car for incidental business purposes.
  8. Buying online auto insurance does not include the personal and professional services of an independent agent who lives and works in your neighborhood and is committed to serving your needs.

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