Holiday Home Safety Tips


While the COVID epidemic continues to affect how many of us celebrate the holidays, some seasonal hazards remain unchanged.

Cooking is the major cause of home fires in the United States, accounting for over half of all fires that start in homes each year. Cooking-related fires are at an all-time high on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, which is unsurprising.

Cooking food should never be left unattended. Leaving the burner (or fryer) unattended is the most common cause of cooking fires.

Cook with caution. Turkeys that have been deep-fried have become increasingly popular in recent years, but frying is far riskier than roasting (52 percent of home cooking fires are ignited by fat, grease, or oil). If you’re going to deep-fry your turkey, learn how to avoid turkey fryer fires.

Read the labels on the foods you buy. When using unfamiliar ingredients or cooking for a large group, it’s important to warn your guests (and avoid known allergens) to avoid dangerous allergic reactions. Read ingredient lists for common allergens.

Purchase a meat thermometer. Food poisoning can be caused by undercooked meat. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that meat is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat this holiday season, especially if it’s a large animal like a turkey.