Personal Insurance

Auto insurance

Auto Insurance

Personal Auto Insurance can provide your firm with security and protection from devastating liability claims arising from an accident involving your vehicle.  Your auto insurance needs to be based on your individual family needs. Some people may need more coverage if they have teen drivers or have a high net worth. Whether it is simple liability or full coverage, we have the solutions.

Homes insurance

Home Insurance

Your home will be one of the most significant investments you will ever make, both economically and emotionally. Your family will spend countless hours there, among some of your most prized possessions. In the event of any misfortune, let us give you the peace of mind knowing that you are well protected.


Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance should be an essential part of your planning. Ensuring you are covered will help you replace any damaged property and cover medical bills for a severe crash. Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance, depending on the bike, and will offer you peace of mind while riding. Our insurance policies cover all kinds of motorcycles, from sport bikes, cruisers, standard bikes, touring bikes, custom motorcycles, scooters, and classic motorcycles. Our policies can also cover liability, uninsured motorist, medical coverage, custom equipment, medical payments, towing, and labor. Make sure each piece of special equipment is listed on your motorcycle insurance policy.


Classic Car Insurance

Now that you have made an investment in your dream classic car, it is time to insure your investment.  We can offer many auto insurance options for your classic, collectible, and vintage cars.  Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever the case, if you have a classic car, then classic car insurance needs to be part of your overall investment strategy.  Insurance coverage for classic autos has a number of unique features that you need to consider before deciding on a policy.


Condo Insurance

A condominium is different from a house or an apartment - you own part of a building or a property, but not all of it. Insurance for condominium owners is different, too.   Just like homeowners and renters, people who own a condo unit want to be insured against financial loss brought about by such dangers as theft, fire, and lawsuits. But, a condominium will typically be covered by two separate insurance policies that protect different parts of the whole. If you have purchased a condo or co-op, the bank will require insurance to protect its investment in your home.


Renters Insurance

If you rent a house or apartment, your landlord’s insurance will only cover the costs of repairing the building if there is a fire or other disaster. Without renter’s insurance, you leave a lot of gaps in coverage. You’ll leave a lot of risk in your life without this policy. For renters, this type of coverage shouldn’t be optional. You need your coverage, known as renters or tenant’s insurance, to protect yourself and your belongings from a loss.


Earthquake Insurance

Many homeowners go without earthquake insurance.  Often people mistakenly think that earthquakes are covered under their homeowner’s policy.  Other people figure the odds are low, and that nothing will happen.  Let us correct you; unless you have added earthquake coverage, it is excluded from your homeowner’s policy.  Some mortgage companies may even require earthquake coverage, depending on where you are located.  Earthquake insurance covers damage to your home and your possessions. Most earthquake policies also cover costs incurred to minimize further damage after an earthquake, plus costs for additional living expenses.  Deductibles are generally 10-15% of the insured amount. Exterior structures such as pools, irrigation systems, driveways, and detached garages are generally not covered.


Watercraft Insurance

While cruising the water in your boat, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance. Contact us and let us take care of you. Then go back to fishing, sunbathing, or just relaxing on those cool, clear waters. We have a policy for most types of boats including bass boats, cruisers, fishing boats, pontoons, runabouts, sailboats, catamarans and utility boats.


Personal umbrella

Umbrella Insurance provides extra protection or limits above the liability insurance you currently have. Just as an umbrella protects you from heavy rain, an Umbrella Insurance policy protects you from losing the entirety of your wealth and assets in the event of a claim. Umbrella Insurance can provide limits above your personal auto and home policies. Umbrella insurance is also competitively priced.

wedding insurance

Weddings and Special Events

Is there anything worse than planning and preparing for your wedding or special event only to have it canceled at the last minute due to weather, or some other unforeseen reason?  Weddings or other special events are important, and you want your event to go off without any issues.  Wedding Cancelation Insurance helps protect your special day and the planning days leading up to it. Wedding Cancellation Insurance can help if you face a cancellation or postponement due to an unforeseen event such as illness, inclement weather, or military deployment.  Wedding Cancellation Insurance will provide reimbursement for deposits forfeited and other charges paid, or contracted to be paid, by the insured.

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Flood Insurance

Many homeowner’s policies exclude flood losses. You might need a separate policy to cover a flood loss. If you live on a hill you are still exposed to a possible flood loss from water run-off above your property. We recommend that homeowners. Even those who do not live in designated flood plains need to weigh the dangers and consider buying flood insurance.  If you rent your home or live in a condo, you can buy flood insurance for just your possessions.