Special Sub-limits Every Homeowner Needs To Know

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Insurance policies come with separate sub-limits relating to specific kinds of coverage.  Some limits are well-known, such as limits on jewelry.  Other sub-limits are less obvious but are still included in your insurance policy.  You might want to learn about these limits before making a claim and risk losing thousands of dollars.  So how does this affect you?  Sub-limits primarily impact certain kinds of personal property in your home insurance policy.  And it’s generally related to unique or special items.

What Are The Common Sub-limits on most Home insurance policies?

  • Jewelry                             $2,500
  • Other structures              $20,000
  • Loss of use                        $60,000
  • Fine art                              $2,500
  • Money                               $200
  • Firearms                            $2,500
  • Silverware                        $2,500

Reviewing your sub-limits can help provide the correct coverage and give you an accurate coverage amount when filing a claim.  A personal articles floater policy (PAF), which can insure your personal property against additional types of loss, is another alternative you have.  You can speak with our agents if you have any questions about what your current policy covers or what could be added to it.

For instance, the PAF will cover your belongings wherever they are in the world and might even provide coverage for a diamond that comes loose and falls out of its setting, which is undoubtedly not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy.

Give us a call today to make sure you have the proper coverage. Metrowest Insurance offers a network of carefully selected insurance companies that includes some of the largest national carriers in the industry. Metrowest Insurances is passionate about providing customized insurance solutions to our clients. Nothing we do is “standard”. We understand each client is unique and deserves solutions that meet their needs.