What Are Things A Condo Policy Will Not Cover?


Although a condo is a house, condo insurance is not the same as home insurance. Understanding what is and, more significantly, what is not covered is critical for your peace of mind and protection. Our staff of professionals understands condo insurance and can help you get the coverage you need.

The outside of your condo

The exterior of your unit is not covered by your condo insurance. That is protected by the master policy carried by your condo association on the property. The extent to which it covers the building varies by policy. It is critical that you study your association’s policy so that you have the proper coverage when you get personal condo insurance.

Sewer backup

If your sewer backs up into your apartment, it will create a terrible mess, and to make matters worse, your condo insurance will not cover it.


Condo insurance does not cover flooding. If you live in a region where a body of water has the potential to flood your unit, you should obtain supplemental flood insurance via the NFIP.

Termite destruction

Termite damage is deemed owner neglect, and they may be held liable depending on how far into the structure the condo association policy extends. Another item to double-check is whether or not you should perform termite treatment.


Earth movement is not covered by your condo insurance coverage. This includes sinkholes, mudslides, and landslides, in addition to earthquakes. It is not covered as long as the earth is moving.