Why We Stopped Selling Insurance And Started Educating our Clients

Many years ago, our agency changed the way we operate. We saw that insurance could be viewed as a commodity like a car or home. But we know otherwise. There were two reasons for our change. 

  1. If people saw insurance as a commodity, then the lowest price wins. And with insurance, low price usually means cut-rate coverage.
  2. If we took the time to partner with and educate, our clients, better insurance buying was created. 

When we are able to educate and explain why you need or don’t need certain insurance coverage, the process becomes less about cost and more about filling a need. Here is what we like to do before we even say the word insurance. 

We will always build a relationship first; we ask questions to understand your needs better. We share our knowledge about your risks, and we ask you questions. 

It is not enough to have a client; we also have to retain them by offering value-added service. We update our clients’ individual needs and changes to their demands or situations. We make sure that we are abreast of developments in product offerings or your industry to serve our clients better. We share relevant knowledge and resources with our clients as well, so you are informed about new opportunities or solutions that can help your business and family.

Metrowest has always been a service agency…that is who we are and what we do best. We value our relationships with our clients and strive to build confidence and trust through our work.  We have a comprehensive team with profound experience in the insurance industry.  This ensures that we are able to deliver timely and accurate advice to protect our clients.